Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toggle Necklace

"Heart toggle" is a new, fun way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. This necklace hangs from a 24" chain and includes 3 tags. Specify pearl of crystal accents $85 Additional tags $7.

(nine letters max on the oval tags)

Keep watching for the next version of this piece! OR, feeling creative? Create one of your own. HINT... round toggle with square tags!


Brad and Kimberly Lester Family said...

Hi. How much is it without pearl or crystal accents? I have five children: Brady, Brinkley, Kasey, Kolby, Braxley. How much for necklace with their names? I would love one!


Nancy said...

we have a common friend Jan and she gave me your blog site. I love it and will be putting my order in as soon as I narrow it down.